For actual examples of Storkcalling calls, make sure your speakers are on and try this birth announcement or this birth announcement.

We are working on a site redesign that will link Mommy Blogs with newborn babies, but for now, you can read below for how other parents are using this unique birth phone call to celebrate the arrival of their baby:

"I wanted a message in my own voice that captured all the joy and excitement of that very special day when our little Molly was born."  Tonya-Steelville, MO

"We were looking for something that was more personal than just email and besides, not everyone has a computer at home, but everyone has a phone. We also liked the feature that if no one was home, it left our message on their answering machine."  Joe-St. Louis, MO

"I needed something that was both fast and inexpensive. I also liked the feature that when Erik was born at 3:40AM, I could delay sending our birth announcement until 8:00AM so I didn't wake up anyone on our Stork Calling list."  James-Chicago, IL

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