The day your baby is born, Storkcalling makes it easy to notify everyone on your list. With three simple steps, you can send a personalized message to up to 50 friends and family.

Prep Work
Step 1: Purchase Stork Calling account online
Step 2: Update contact list

Day of Delivery
Step 3: Day of Delivery: Call 1-888-567-STORK to record and send your birth announcement message.

How It Works
With Stork Calling, you create a list of up to 50 people that you want to share the news of the delivery.

After your child is born, you call 1-888-567-STORK and record your personal message. Instantly, everyone on your list will be called and your recorded birth announcement will be played.

Long-distance or local in the United States and Canada, all calls are included for only $24.95!


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