Stork Calling FAQ's

Q: Is the Birth Announcement that is sent to my friends just a mechanized voice saying "Sally had her baby. Goodbye?"
A: NO. You will record YOUR personal message much like you would on an answering machine. That message is then sent to every phone number on your list. You can listen to ACTUAL Birth Announcements by clicking here or here.

Q: If no one is home, is my message left on their answering machine?
A: YES. Your birth announcement will be left on an answering machine if no one is home.

Q: Are there any additional long-distance charges on top of the $24.95 fee?
A: There are NO additional charges for long distance calls to anywhere in the United States, including Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. The $24.95 fee includes everything you need to set up your account and announce the birth of your baby!

Q: I don't know 50 people I would want to call. Do I need to use all 50 numbers?
A: NO. You can use as few or as many of the 50 numbers as you wish. With up to 50 people on your list, you have the opportunity to contact distant friends and family that you might not have contacted without Stork Calling.

Q: I feel uncomfortable giving 50 friends' telephone numbers over to Stork Calling. What do you do with those numbers?
A: Storkcalling will NOT sell or distribute, in any way, the telephone numbers you supply. They are kept completely confidential behind a firewall and 128 bit encryption. In addition, our credit card processing page is labeled with the GeoTrust seal, which means the site is secure to enter credit card numbers. our service.


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