Announce the Birth of Your New Baby!

Lets your family and friends know immediately with just one call! In your voice!

Storkcalling birth announcement lets you call up to 50 phone numbers instantaneously and deliver a personal message. An excellent baby shower gift and a way to notify everyone of the baby's arrival.

Local or Long Distance, up to 50 home and mobile numbers, anywhere in the US and Canada All numbers included for $24.95 with a secure credit card transaction.

After your baby is born, you make one toll-free call and record your personal message. That message is then broadcast to everyone on your list. Listen Here and Here for Real Examples.



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Secure Transaction and Calling List Our shopping cart package is verified and backed with the Geotrust seal, so you can feel secure that your credit card number is safe for a purchase. For your personal lists, Storkcalling will not sell or distribute, in any way, the telephone numbers you supply. They are kept confidential with 128 bit encryption and only used to announce the birth of your child. Give As A Gift StorkCalling Birth Announcements are a great gift idea! Whether for your spouse or someone else, Storkcalling is an excellent and unique gift for baby showers, personal relationships, and as a delivery gift. Be a hit at your next baby shower (and make sure you get your phone call;) Fulfill Your Promise Phone everyone a unique baby announcement. You know you promised everyone at work and at the club you would call, not to mention out of town friends and family. Why spend hours notifying friends and family when Stork Calling can do it it minutes!